Research Interests

My scholarly work unpacks practices of urban economic development. It builds relationships between global and postcolonial urbanism, critical development studies, health sociology, and critical race feminist geographies.


My current focus is on the social and economic dynamics ofurban infrastructural development. I ask questions such as: How do low-income, racialized communities grapple with state-led upgrading efforts in Brazilian favelas? How does FIFA negotiate with local authorities over the locations of World Cup stadiums? How do communities build their ownpublic” infrastructure (such as park areas) in the shadow of state-led projects? And how does non-valued work – such as breastfeeding – become distributed through emerging urban infrastructures of human milk banking? I pursue questions such as these in North America, South America, and Africa. Through this work I look to support and amplify the voices of academics and community residents who are not often recognized in mainstream geography.

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